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Typical average girl.. loves Japan at heart. Arashi is my ichiban and ship Ohmiya, Aimiya, Tennen but I also follow others. A hyphen since long ago [still am] before 'things changed' (that's where I moved to Arashi) now KAT-TUN is back!! *tears of joy T,T Lately getting to know Hey! Say! JUMP too. I enjoy movie nights on weekends and sometimes do a little throwback. In my spare time I sub short clips -ex; clips fr a show or drama or movie (max 1 minute cuz I work alone on it) *its tiring [thought the max I've subbed is about 3 minutes long]

My story:

When I was 12, my friend introduced me to Hana Kimi. It was the very first Jdrama I ever watched. My very first ever crush was Ikuta toma but at the time I didn't understand what 'Johnnys' was. So I stared watching other dramas related to him. Also I liked Horikita Maki and from there I found Nobuta wo Produce where I found KAT-TUN from Kame. I liked Yamapi too -at that time he and Nishikido just left NEWS. So my image of NEWS has always been just 4 of them.. -thanks for making 'chankapana' stuck in my head for quite some time XD Also Akanishi just announced departure from KAT-TUN that time. So I know they've been through a lot. In my opinion, they are an amazing group and also as individuals but the problem is -they can't stay together.. and its sad. From Yamapi I found 'Stand up' that's where I knew Nino and Arashi. Later, Nakamaru guests on vs Arashi and I found that show fun to watch. [the show actually saved me from the loneliness while KAT-TUN was away] That's where I got into the fandom and became an Arashian till this very day. Arashi has broke my record for the longest being in a fandom. It's been 6+ years and still counting. The way they're always together makes you feel happy just seeing them. The bond they have for each other is amusing. Could this make KAT-TUN's hiatus a good thing? lol I still love them even now. Once I went to Japan (as a hyphen not yet an arashian) btw the Sakura was blooming and it was awesome.. I happen to stumble upon a Japanese man and he was really impressed with my Japanese. -LOL it was broken Japanese. I only used some phrases I knew from watching dramas. Ever since then, I was determine to study proper Japanese but I never went to any classes. I spent my time learning watching Arashi and it totally worked out XD. There was a point where I just watched the whole thing and finally realized that there was no sub whatsoever when it was over. Now I translate simple things whenever I have the time. Some how I found an episode of Itadaki High Jump where Yamada, Yuto and Daiki wore a wedding dress and I've been following HSJ ever since. I so loved Yuto in Pink to Grey -he's so hot :P Where did Toma go? LOL it all started from him anyways haha.. no worries I always watch him whenever he comes over to Arashi

Active on Tumblr and Twitter.. rarely here. Feel free to im will get back to you soon.
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